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Selecting the right blinds

by Chad Brewer

Window blinds are an upgrade to the conventional curtains. They are made of vinyl, metal or wood which are linked together using cords that allow the whole assembly to be spun simultaneously, regulating the level of light that penetrates a room. In terms of selecting blinds, homeowners have a variety of options to select from. If you are daunted by the host of blind types and designs on offer, consider the following 4 important factors when purchasing blinds.


Both internal and external window blinds are a perfect means to ensure privacy is achieved within the confines of your home away from onlookers or trespassers. When shut, blinds made of heavy fabric basically block out the view in every direction. However, if you wish to enjoy the exterior view from your window, you might want to consider blinds that are made from translucent materials. Alternatively, homeowners can also go for blinds made of rigid fabrics that feature adjustable louvers, panels or slats, which allows you perfect external view as well as ventilation while at the same time maintaining confidentiality.


Why do you need to install window blinds? The answer to this question solves the function aspect. For a number of homeowners, one of the main functions of installing blinds is insulation which helps to reduce energy expenses. Do note that a lot of heat is lost or gained inside the home through the windows. If you wish to save on energy costs, obviously you may want to go for blinds with valuable thermal qualities that will cut down on heat transfer via windows and help maintain warmth and coolness during cold and hot temperatures respectively. In this regard, homeowners should consider the insulating attributes of a variety of window blinds when before selecting one.


There are some window treatments that demand a lot of maintenance while others require little maintenance. Of course, the locations they are about to be placed will also influence the routine of maintenance. For example, if you wish to have blinds as part of your kitchen window, the choice of venetian blinds makes perfect sense. This is because they can easily be washed of any dirt including smoke and grease deposits often associated with the kitchen space. However, a choice such as a canvas Roman blind is unsuitable for a kitchen space as it is not easy to wash or clean.

Window shape

Windows that aren't the typical rectangular or square shape can restrict your choice of window blinds. Consider customized window blinds, for example, plantation shutters which get the best out of unique window shapes.

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