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4 Awning Customisation Ideas for a Colourful & Unique Home

by Chad Brewer

If you're getting bored of the look of your awnings, you don't have to spend a ton of money to replace them. All you need to do is try out any of the following ideas.

Put up a sign

Awning signs shouldn't be reserved just for coffee shops, restaurants and other venues. If you want to give your awnings a vintage look. You can make it yourself if you're crafty, or you can order one to be made or you. You can write your address or house name on it, your favourite quote, the classic "Home Sweet Home" or carve a symbol that you love.

A waterfall of beads

Do you remember those 70s styled doorways, with a long cascade of beads that caught the light? The fun thing is that you can make the same thing for your awning—beads, ribbon, metallic string, everything that works on a door bead curtain will work on your awning waterfall. You can make a short bead curtain that's just for decoration, and you can have it either straight or with wavy lines for a groovy look.

If you want to make it longer, make sure to space the bead strings out so it's not too visually heavy, but if you want them to be thick, you can always keep them at the sides for a more subtle look. Preferably the beads should go with the colours of your awning. The fun part about bead curtains is that there is an infinite combination of patterns and materials.

Chinese lanterns

If you love Asian culture, the easiest way to bring a bit of it into your home is by hanging a few Chinese paper lanterns from your awnings. They're very light, so you won't have to worry about your awning getting dislodged from the weight.  Be wary that this look is very visually heavy and distinct, so you have to make sure it matches the rest of that area outdoors or else it will stick out like a sore thumb.


Ivy always gives off a cozy and romantic look wherever it decides to spread its tendrils. If your awning isn't too large you can put some ivy on the wall it's attached to, and let it grow until it cascades down like a curtain of leaves. It will give your house a very vintage, lived-in look. Beware to buy some window nets in case you chose this option, as ivy can become a perfect home for all sorts of critters. However, the shade the ivy and awnings combined provide in the summer is well worth it.

You can change the look of your house from year to year without ever changing your awnings once with a bit of creativity. For more tips, contact companies like Inspired Window Coverings.