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Save Money on Blinds With These Five Tips

by Chad Brewer

Blinds add style to your home, but unfortunately, in some cases, they can be expensive. If you have a tight budget but you need new stylish blinds, there are ways that you can save. Take a look at these tips: 

1. Install them yourself.

Rather than paying someone to install your blinds, do the work yourself. That helps to cut down the initial cost substantially. If you cannot install your own blinds, get some quotes and see if you can find a contractor to do it for a reduced rate. 

2. Opt for faux wood or plastic.

The material you select for your blinds can have a huge impact on their final cost. Typically, natural wood blinds cost more than plastic blinds. Because of that, you should consider investing in faux wood blinds or plastic blinds.

Keep in mind your blinds don't have to be boring and white. You can find plastic blinds in a range of colours.

3. Make your own blinds.

Alternatively, consider making your own blinds. If you like using roman shades as blinds, you can make your own roman shades with a bit of fabric, some cord, a small piece of wood and some dowels.

If you've got spare time and like to craft, making your own roman shades can be a real time saver.

4. Get creative about odd-sized windows.

Unfortunately, if your windows aren't a standard size, it may hard to find blinds for them. In some cases, people have blinds custom made for odd-sized windows. However, if you don't want to pay the extra expense for custom blinds, there are other options.

For example, if a standard blind is too narrow for your window, you could hang the blind in the middle of the window frame and cover the edges of the window with cheap panel curtains. This make it look like you have blinds framed by curtains, and no one can tell that your blinds don't actually fit perfectly.

5. Invest in energy efficient blinds.

If you buy energy efficient blinds, they may cost more than other types of blinds. However, they will save you money in the long run. Energy efficient blinds make your windows more efficient -- in particular, they keep out unwanted heat or cold.

They also keep cool air from your air conditioner air or warm air from your furnace inside where it belongs. This added efficiency can help to lower your heating and cooling bills, and it will likely save you money in the long run.