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Five Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Shutters for Ocean Front Properties

by Chad Brewer

If you have a beachfront property and you are thinking about new external shutters, there are a number of things you should keep in mind as you shop. Unfortunately, the beauty of an ocean front property also brings other challenges and risks including the corrosive nature of salt. Here are some tips to help you:

1. Consider investing in cyclone shutters.

If the risk of cyclones is high at your property, consider investing in cyclone shutters. These shutters come in a range of styles, and they are designed to protect your windows and even your doors from the devastating wind and flooding associated with cyclones near coasts.

You can buy them in a range of styles, but if you want to be able to provide protection at the touch of a button, you want motorised rolling cyclone shutters that you can close automatically from inside your home.

2. Opt for a material that resists corrosion.

Whether you are worried about cyclones or not, you need to think about the effects of salt on your shutters. The moist air around most seafronts is full of salt, and it can penetrate and corrode many materials. To avoid that, opt for shutters made of materials that naturally resist the effects of corrosion. For example, choose vinyl shutters rather than wood ones.

3. Use salt resistant paints designed for the outdoors.

If you love the look of wood shutters and you cannot bear to choose another material, you should avoid unpainted natural wood shutters. Instead, you need shutters that are well sealed from the elements. If you opt to paint your own wooden shutters, choose your paint, primer and sealant carefully. Look for products that promise to withstand the elements, and in particular, look for products that resist salt and rust.

4. Choose your metal fasteners carefully.

In addition to worrying about corrosion on your shutters, it's important to think about your fasteners. Traditionally, the hardware that connects external shutters to your home is made of metal, and it can become rusty and corroded in the salty air. To avoid this, spray silicone coating or salt neutralisers on your metal fasteners while you own them. Alternatively, choose fasteners that have been dipped in a galvanised protective layer.

5. Stock up on supplies to rinse your shutters.

Regardless of how well your shutters and fasteners resist the elements, they will get exposed to some salty air or water. If you want to prevent long term damage, you need to be able to rinse the salt off. To ensure that is possible, invest in a hose pipe and a spray nozzle when you buy your shutters. That way, you can easily clean them as needed.

For more information and help selecting the right option for your home, contact a local shutter company like Shutterflex