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Kitchen Splashbacks: How to Make the Right Choice

by Chad Brewer

In years past, homeowners would consider kitchen splashbacks simply for utilitarian purposes. As such, they would gravitate toward conventional materials such as regular tiling as they would not consider any added functionality that the splashbacks could bring or the aesthetic value they could provide for the kitchen. However, over time, more and more homeowners have been looking for ways to enhance the interior design of their kitchens just as they would the other rooms in the home. Whether you are remodelling your kitchen or building a new one, below are some of the considerations to have when making the right choice of kitchen splashbacks.

Make a selection of your benchtops beforehand

Before you can settle on your kitchen splashbacks, you should first make a choice of your kitchen benchtops. The reason for this is that the benchtops typically take up a considerable amount of space in the kitchen. As such, choosing them beforehand will give you a chance to establish the overall theme of your kitchen. Once the benchtops are chosen, you will have inadvertently whittled down the options to consider when selecting your splashbacks.

Make a selection of what materials you would prefer

As aforementioned, the most commonly used material for kitchen splashbacks is tile. However, there is an assortment of other materials you could consider based on how functional you would like your splashbacks to be. For instance, if your kitchen does not receive a lot of natural lighting, you may want to consider glass as your chosen material. The reason for this is that glass is highly reflective, which would help you maximise the amount of natural light available. Moreover, glass is also much easier to maintain as you eliminate grout lines. You will not have to worry about staining and excessive cleaning to keep the glass splashbacks in pristine condition.

Make a selection of your preferred colour choices

Another factor to consider for your splashbacks would be what colour would best suit your overall interior design. When it comes to selecting the colour for your splashbacks, you need to determine whether you are seeking to be consistent or if you would like the splashbacks to add some visual contrast. For instance, if consistency is your preferred design option, then ensure that the splashbacks will match the colour of your walls, your benchtops and more. You could choose the splashbacks in varying hues to add some visual interest. On the other hand, if you would like contrasting colours, select colours that would stand out from the main colour theme of your kitchen.