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Two Easy Cleaning Tips For Outdoor Blinds That Won't Inflame Your Osteoarthritis

by Chad Brewer

Self-reported data shows 1 in 11 Australians is dealing with osteoarthritis. As the osteoarthritis gradually reduces the usefulness of your hands, you are looking for ways to keep your home clean without causing additional pain. The new outdoor blinds you just ordered are another household item that needs annual maintenance and cleaning to make sure they always look their best. However, there are several ways to clean this product without putting your hands under extra pressure. Learn these two tips now, so your blinds stay looking as good as new for years to come:

Spray Bottle Cleaning

One of the first steps to clean an outdoor blind is to spray it with a cleaning solution recommended by the manufacturer. However, it is always recommended that full-strength cleaners are not used on the blind material because they are strong and caustic, and could cause damage. Instead, watering down a cleaning solution is recommended. The manufacturer will give instructions on the ratio of solution to water to be used.

Once the cleaning solution is combined with the water in a spray bottle, the cleaner is sprayed onto the blind and left to soak for a short period. This soaking action softens up the dirt and allows it to be wiped cleanly away. Spray bottles can be difficult for people with osteoarthritis to operate, so make sure you buy one that has your condition in mind. The arthritis-friendly spray bottle has a longer-than-normal spray trigger. This allows you to push it with the palm of your hand rather than trying to wrap your fingers around it.

Wipe-Over Cleaning

If you want to wipe over the blind rather than spraying it, don't reach for your normal wipe cloth that needs to be clutched in your hand. Instead, reach for a pair of old cotton socks. Place a sock on your hand, dampen it with cold water, pour on a little cleaning solution and then use circular motions on the blind to wash it clean. This method keeps your fingers flat and extended rather than scrunched up in a fist, so you will experience minimal pain during cleaning.

Finally, if you have grandkids, invite them over to give you a hand with the cleaning. Armed with a scrubbing brush and some cold water, the grandbabies will happily clean your blinds on a nice summer day if you make a fun game out of the chore. Plus, they can splash around under the hose during the rinsing off phase as a bonus.