Historical interior design

  • Why Every Home Should Have At Least One Water Filter

    16 June 2021

    Home water filters have been around for some time now, and while they have certainly been updated and upgraded, from stand-alone filters that you had to fill up yourself to modern ones that are attached right to your tap or water intake, the idea behind them remains the same: getting safe drinking water. It is easy to get lulled into a false sense of security about modern life and to think that nothing could threaten it, but natural disasters and man-made errors could be just around the corner.

  • What Advantages Do Commercial Shutters Afford?

    19 June 2020

    Commercial shutters can make any business premises appear smarter and look more in keeping with their surroundings. Aluminium architectural facades, for example, will frequently go very well with similar or matching shutters, aesthetically speaking. However, from a commercial perspective, shutters are not just there to make a place of work look better or to provide a more definite sense of interior style. What other commercial benefits do they provide for business owners?

  • The Benefits of a Professional Commercial Premises Refurbishment

    9 July 2019

    When it comes to the interior design of commercial premises, there are all sorts of different design ideas that you may wish to put in place. Of course, you can always turn to general contractors to remodel the design of your workplace for you, and that may work out very well. However, in such cases, it is often much more beneficial to turn to a professional fit out installer instead. In both offices or retail spaces, professional shopfitting services can make all the difference.

  • Frameless Shower Screen Hardware Options for a Spa Bathroom

    21 October 2018

    One of the upgrades that many people are using when they renovate their bathroom is a spa bathroom theme. The spa bathroom is usually done in a design to model massage and spa houses around the world. Bamboo, glass and mosaic tiles are generally used to create the spa-like feel. The idea is to keep the room as natural, open and inviting as possible. One way to do this is to go with a frameless shower screen.

  • Two Easy Cleaning Tips For Outdoor Blinds That Won't Inflame Your Osteoarthritis

    4 July 2017

    Self-reported data shows 1 in 11 Australians is dealing with osteoarthritis. As the osteoarthritis gradually reduces the usefulness of your hands, you are looking for ways to keep your home clean without causing additional pain. The new outdoor blinds you just ordered are another household item that needs annual maintenance and cleaning to make sure they always look their best. However, there are several ways to clean this product without putting your hands under extra pressure.

  • Answering Some Important Questions About Glass Shower Screens

    12 April 2017

    Glass shower screens are a popular option for small and dark bathrooms since they keep the space open and reflect light, making the area seem bigger and brighter. They're also good for those who want a modern look with clean and simple lines in the bathroom. Note a few questions you might have about glass shower screens and then you can determine if this is the right choice for you.

  • Kitchen Splashbacks: How to Make the Right Choice

    22 November 2016

    In years past, homeowners would consider kitchen splashbacks simply for utilitarian purposes. As such, they would gravitate toward conventional materials such as regular tiling as they would not consider any added functionality that the splashbacks could bring or the aesthetic value they could provide for the kitchen. However, over time, more and more homeowners have been looking for ways to enhance the interior design of their kitchens just as they would the other rooms in the home.

  • Five Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Shutters for Ocean Front Properties

    24 May 2016

    If you have a beachfront property and you are thinking about new external shutters, there are a number of things you should keep in mind as you shop. Unfortunately, the beauty of an ocean front property also brings other challenges and risks including the corrosive nature of salt. Here are some tips to help you: 1. Consider investing in cyclone shutters. If the risk of cyclones is high at your property, consider investing in cyclone shutters.

  • Maximising Safety Within Kitchen Design

    14 April 2016

    When you are revamping a kitchen, there is lots to get excited about: colour choices, time saving appliances, and fancy lighting fixtures. It's important to remember, however, that the kitchen is a room in the house where you are working with high temperatures, sharp knives, and potentially dangerous appliances. It's imperative, therefore, that safety informs your kitchen design somewhat. Here are some design fixes that will make your kitchen a safer place to cook and enjoy the company of your friends and family.

  • Save Money on Blinds With These Five Tips

    29 January 2016

    Blinds add style to your home, but unfortunately, in some cases, they can be expensive. If you have a tight budget but you need new stylish blinds, there are ways that you can save. Take a look at these tips:  1. Install them yourself. Rather than paying someone to install your blinds, do the work yourself. That helps to cut down the initial cost substantially. If you cannot install your own blinds, get some quotes and see if you can find a contractor to do it for a reduced rate.